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Our Work

Through time, we have been involved in many exciting projects.
Here is a selection:

Genetic Me:
Biologic Media were the producers behind the much discussed documentary "Genetic Me".
The film was selected for the Paris Science Festival and it received two awards: Pierre-Gilles de Gennes Prize and the Student Award for best film. Genetic me were further Robert nominated for best Danish Documentary 2015. The film has been sold to many countries worldwide.
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The origin of life:
Biologic Media recorded Lundbeck Lecture - the entertaining large live sessions on a crowded Bremen Theatre.
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Biologic Media has delivered various animations for Prize awards ceremonies for Lundbeck.
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We were part of developing The LEARN project. LEARN is an interactive vein, where you visually "move in" and seeing how the normal immune system goes to attack, thus becoming an autoimmune disease. LEARN had its world premiere at City Hall Square in Copenhagen and is now on the World Tour. The film was awarded an "Abbott Presidential Award".
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"Doctor Doctor - What is going on?"
A musical hit and video on the BBC. Jesper Eugen-Olsen and Bjørn Vidø created in collaboration with patient organizations in Denmark a catchy pop song and video. The video has its own site on the BBC.
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